We are a Spanish law firm with offices in Valencia and Miami that acts as a legal bridge that facilitates internationalization between the USA - Spain & the EU

Our Values

Our mission is internationalization as a tool for growth, and our vision is that we lawyers owe it to our clients' progress. That is why all our services and all our actions are guided by clear values.


We have nothing to hide. Our prices, our services and our operating schemes will always be crystal-clear


We know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. So we strive to excel and make it easy for you


We are aware of how flawed our industry is and we are working hard to fix it. Our commitment is to be what our clients need


Communication is important, but sincerity is more important. We will respectfully give our sincere opinion, at any cost


Networking and relationships are essential keys to the success of any business. We are here for you


Our motto is: If the objective is clear, do or die is the only way, and if it is not clear, it must be made clear

What We Do

We help you grow your business internationally by minimizing legal risks through our cutting-edge Legal Solutions

Get to Know You

We are eager to know how your business works, what your goals are and what legal obstacles prevent you from achieving success

Identify the Problem

We will assess the legal problem that your business faces, explore the alternatives for managing and effectively resolving it, and formulate our recommendations tailored to the circumstances of the case

Execute the Solution

We will apply the proposed solutions quickly and efficiently, using minimal, technological, and environmentally-friendly resources, ensuring maximum accountability throughout the process

How We Do It

We combine the fast and cost-effective legal solutions, with sophisticated Services & Sectors that stand out for their ahead-of-the-curve approach.

You Choose

We open a wide range of legal solutions adapted to your needs and capacity. You tell us which one you want

Get Down to Business

We shall be rolling up our sleeves to tackle any legal problems or needs you may have

Get It Done

We solve the matter quickly, accurately, and knowledgeably