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This Legal Notice contains the General Terms (the “General Terms”) that regulates the use of the website pages that comprise the website (the “Website”) under the following domain names: , , ,, (the “Domain Names”) including mere access to them. All users or visitors (the “Users”) who access the Website agree to be bound by the General Terms in force at the time when they access the Website.

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This Website under the present Legal Notice is owned by GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. (“Gowper” or the “Owner”) with address at C/ del Racó d’Ademús 27 – 25 46018 València. The customer service e-mail address is and the contact telephone number is 960884894. The company is registered in the Companies House of Valencia, Volume 10696, Book 7977, Folio 45, Section 8, Page V188581. VAT Code: B40594897. Gowper as a service provider is bound by the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (“LSSI”).

Del mismo modo, Gowper®™ y Planes de Soluciones Individualizadas®™ son marcas registradas de propiedad de GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. (las «Marcas Registradas») y su uso o reproducción sin la debida autorización o licencia escrita están estrictamente prohibidos.

GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. as Owner reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, changes to the information contained in its Website or in its configuration and presentation. The User shall be automatically bound by the General Terms in force at the time when he/she access to the Website, so that the User must regularly read these Legal Notice.

By accessing this Website, including all its pages, it is accepted that Gowper shall not be liable for any consequence, damage or harm arising from such access or use of information from that website or access to other materials on the Internet through connections with this website. The user will also not be responsible and accepts the errors or computer problems caused by viruses, worms, malicious software or other social engineering attacks (phishing, pharming, Trojan horses, etc.) that third parties may have maliciously placed on our servers, during the margin of time until they are able to implement the reactive protection measures available to this entity. If the User becomes aware of errors in the operation or strange behaviours of the Website, he or she can send an email to the above address. Access to the contents of this Website by means of mechanised systems that are different from physical persons is prohibited, as they may cause damage to the Owner of the Website by not being able to objectively measure the audiences.

In the event that a user hires through a relationship established through email, there is no right of withdrawal because they are professional services.



The use of the Website attributes the condition of Website User and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. at the time the User accesses to the Website. Consequently, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice each time he or she intends to use the Website, as it may be amended from time to time.

The User undertakes to use the Website, content and services in accordance with the Law, this Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookie policy of the Website, good customs and public order. Likewise, the User undertakes not to use the Website or the services provided through it for illicit purposes or effects or contrary to the content of this Legal Notice, harmful to the interests or rights of others, or in any way may damage, disable or impair the Website or its services, or prevent a normal enjoyment of the Website by other Users.

Also, the User expressly undertakes not to destroy, alter, render useless or, in any other way, damage the data, programs or electronic documents and others found on this Website.

The User undertakes not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that cause or are likely to cause any alteration in the computer systems of the owner of the Website or third parties.

The User accepts and declares to be aware of this Legal Notice and Privacy and Cookie Policy. Otherwise, the User must immediately leave the Website.

The activity is not subject to any system of prior administrative authorization, or adherence to codes of conduct, except of the good faith, custom and the civil code. The Owner does not provide intermediation or accommodation services for other websites.


The contents and information provided through within the Website (the “Contents”) comply with current legislation and are the property of GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. or acquired or exploited with legitimate titles.

The Owner of the Website can offer through the Website, as part of the Contents, services or products that might be subject to own Special Terms (the “Special Terms”) that, according to the cases, replace, complete and/or modify the present General Terms, and of which the User will be informed in each concrete case. The Special Terms will prevail over the General Terms in the event of discrepancy. Users therefore accept the corresponding applicable Special Terms each time they request or use the corresponding content or service.

Gowper makes the Content available to Users with information taken from its own and third-party sources. Gowper seeks does not guarantee its usefulness, adequacy for a specific purpose, accuracy, completeness, relevance or that it is up-to-date.

The inclusion of information content on the Website in no way imply the provision of any type of legal counselling. Users expressly agree and acknowledge that he or she shall refrain from considering the information provided in the Website Contents as a valid alternative to legal advice, and that Gowper has never provided legal counselling by means of the information presented in the said Contents without having obtained specialised personal advice.

Hyperlinks and Linked Sites:

a) Hyperlinks

El Usuario y, en general, cualquier persona física o jurídica que se proponga establecer un hipervínculo o dispositivo técnico de enlace (por ejemplo, links o botones) desde su sitio web al Sitio Web (el «Hipervínculo») deberá obtener una autorización previa y por escrito de Gowper.

The creation of the Hyperlink in no case implies the existence of any relationship between Gowper and the owner of the website or web page where the Hyperlink is created, or the acceptance or approval by Gowper of its content or services.

In any event, Gowper reserves the right to prohibit or disable at any time any hyperlink to the Website, particularly in circumstances involving unlawful activity or content on the website where the hyperlink has been inserted.

b) Linked Sites

El Sitio Web pone a disposición del Usuario, únicamente para la búsqueda de, y acceso a, la información, contenidos y servicios disponibles en Internet, Hipervínculos o dispositivos técnicos de enlace (por ejemplo, links o botones), que permiten al Usuario el acceso a sitios o portales de Internet pertenecientes a o gestionados por terceros (las “Páginas Enlazadas”).

Gowper does not offer or market, on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties, the information, content and services available on the Linked Sites. Nor does it approve, supervise or control in any way the content and services or any material of any nature existing on the Linked Sites. Users assume entire and exclusive responsibility for browsing such sites.


The Website might contain advertising content or be sponsored. Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with the laws and consents that may apply in each case. The Owner of the Website will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that can contain the advertising contents or of the sponsors. Nor it will be liable for damages to the sensitivity that the advertising material or other material may cause to Users or visitors of the Website. For information on minors, see the Privacy Policy.


All the contents of the Website, unless otherwise indicated, are the exclusive property of the Owner of the Website or third parties as are, without limitation, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs and other elements that appear on the Website. Similarly, all trade names, trademarks or logos of any kind contained on the Website are protected by law. In particular, Gowper®™ and Individualized Solutions Plans®™ are registered trademarks owned by GO WORLD PROVIDER OF ENTREPRENEURIAL RESOURCES, S.L. and their use or reproduction without proper written authorization or license is strictly prohibited.

Users may view and obtain temporary private copies of the Contents wherever possible and so provided by the Website for their exclusive personal and private use on their computer systems (software and hardware), provided that the purpose thereof is not to carry out activities of a commercial or professional nature. Users must refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the content via means or procedures other than those which have been made available to them or indicated for such purpose in the Website or which are commonly used on the Internet (provided that the latter do not imply any type of risk of harming or disabling the Website). Users must at all times respect all the intellectual and industrial property rights existing over the Website, whether owned by Gowper or by third parties.

No license or authorisation 

The Owner of the Website does neither grant any type of license or authorization of personal use nor assign any of its rights of intellectual and industrial property, its Registered Trademarks, or on any other right related to the Website and the services offered in the same to the Users or visitors of the Website.

All Rights Reserved 

Any reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation, dissemination, extracting, re-using or forwarding which has not been consented beforehand, and in general, any other form of exploitation, by any means or procedure, of all or part of the Contents of this Website by the User or visitor who does not have appropriate authorisation constitutes a serious infringement of the rights of intellectual property of the Owner of the Website and therefore is strictly forbidden. Said infringement may be pursued both through civil proceedings for compensation of damage and as a crime punishable under the Criminal Code.


For the use of the Website

The User is solely responsible for any infringements that may be incurred or damages that may be caused by the use of the Website or its contents, leaving the owner of the Website, its partners, suppliers, collaborators, employees and representatives, exonerated of any kind of liability that may arise from the actions of the User.

The Owner of the Website will employ all the efforts and reasonable means to facilitate updated and reliable information in the Website; however, the Owner of the Website make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any of the contents accessible through this Website or of omissions in this Website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the Website or any of the contents accessible through this Website.

The User is solely responsible for any claim or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third parties against the Owner of the Website based on the use by the User of the Website or its contents. The User shall assume all responsibility, as the case may be, for whichever expenses, costs and indemnities that may be suffered by the Owner of the Website based on such claims or legal actions.

Responsibility for the operation of the Website

The Owner of the Website site excludes all responsibility that could be derived from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operational functioning of the electronic system, dues to causes beyond the control of the Owner of the Website.

Likewise, the Owner of the Website also excludes any liability that may arise from delays or blockades in the operational functioning of the electronic system caused by deficiencies or on load in the telephone lines or in the Internet, as well as any damage that may be caused by third parties as a result of unlawful interference beyond the control of the Owner of the Website.

The Owner of the Website is authorized to suspend temporarily, and without previous warning, the accessibility to the Website on the occasion of operations of maintenance, repair, update or improvement of the Website.

Responsibility for Links

The Owner of the Website is exempt of any responsibility with respect to the information that is outside the Website, since the purpose of the links that appear in the Website is solely to inform the User of the existence of other sources of information on specific matters or publicity.


These General Terms are governed by Spanish law and unless otherwise specified in the legislation concerned (including consumer regulations), the parties will submit any dispute to the courts of the domicile of the Owner of the Website.