Gowper® defends the lawfulness of free tours

Gowper® is asked by GuruWalk, the Spanish platform for free tour guides in the world.


Florence, the beautiful Italian city of the Renaissance, is considering modifying the municipal regulations on guided tours following pressure from associations. Concerned about this initiative, GuruWalk, the global Free Tours giant, asked Gowper®'s managing partner, Reimel Ariosa, about the legal framework of such a decision and the possible breach of unfair competition.

Reimel stated that: "this disruptive model, as a service of the information society that it is, is protected by current EU law. The fact that the free tour user decides the price of the service is fully compatible with competition law. This is confirmed in the recent judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU (C-390/18, Airbnb)."

You can check the news story, as published in Europa Press, here.

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