PRESS RELEASE: Gowper® is recognized as Spain's first e-commerce of legal services by the digital newspaper Ecommerce News

In the interview granted to the leading media in Spain about e-commerce, the founders of the law firm tell how Gowper became the first firm with an e-commerce in the world

Press release | In Valencia, April 13, 2021.

E-commerce News, the largest - and dean (2012) - media specialized in e-commerce and digital economy in Spain, published on April 6th, 2021 the interview that the founders of Gowper Law Firm gave about how the firm became the first e-commerce of legal services in Spain. 

Thus, the online offer of the Individualized Solutions Plans® is the first complete digital shopping experience of packaged legal "products". 

Our founders explain the reasons that motivated the creation of this innovative business model: the offer of "productized" legal services ("services-as-a-product"), through a 100% digital purchase process in an e-commerce, the first of its kind in Spain and in the world.
Among the advantages over the traditional model of law firms are the digital environment that provides greater flexibility, savings due to flat rates or memberships, and absolute transparency as prices are fixed in advance. All this allows companies to plan their budgets in the medium and long term, without affecting their performance.


We are grateful to Ecommerce News for their interest in our project of democratization of legal services, especially for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs.

You can read the full interview here