Gowper® talks about Free Tours on Plaza Radio's La Tarde con Marina magazine

David Vidal of GuruWalk and Reimel Ariosa, attorney at Gowper®, discuss the Free Tours alternative to conventional tourism


David Vidal Andres, Head of Marketing at GuruWalk and Reimel Ariosa, managing partner of the law firm Gowper®, discuss in detail with Marina Garcia, in her daily magazine show La Tarde con Marinaon Plaza Radio, the legal intricacies of GuruWalk's Free Tours and the challenges it poses to conventional tourism.

You can listen to the full interview in the podcast of La Tarde con Marina, here.

GuruWalk has reshaped the guided tour industry into a unique, unique and fun experience. 

Listen to why we believe that Free Tours are a necessary innovation in the tourism market, that comply with the law, and are here to stay.