PRESS RELEASE: Spanish firm Gowper® joins select Global LegalTech Hub to drive technology transformation in the legal sector

Gowper® brings democratization and digitalization with its B2B e-commerce of legal services, the very first in Spain

Press release | In Valencia, April 19, 2021.


We are thrilled to announce that Spain-based international law firm Gowper® has joined the select club Global LegalTech Hub.


Global LegalTech Hub (GLTH) is an international cluster based in Barcelona that brings together different key players (law firms and professionals, startups, companies, institutions and academia) committed to redesigning the legal industry through technological innovation.


At Gowper we have created a completely digital business model: the offer of "productized" ("Services-as-a-Product") and customizable legal services, our Individualized Solutions Plans®, available in a proprietary e-commerce, the first in Spain and in the world. Through a sharp technological investment, we have managed to automate the legal contracting process, making it transparent, lowering prices and democratizing access to legal services for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies, regardless of their size.


For Gowper, the cost of legal services should be ethically priced, based on the deliverable or work to be performed, no matter the business size. If the intellectual effort applied by the lawyer is the same, why charge more to one than to another? The firm's motto to encapsulate this way of thinking is "One is worth one".


Our goal is to enable organizations to predict legal costs and integrate them into their production process, as opposed to the uncertainty prevalent in the current system of hourly rates or long-negotiated ad hoc budgets. Thus,

companies will be able to plan their budgets and focus on their business, on how to improve their products or services in a safe, legal and reliable way.