PRESS RELEASE: Gowper® and Swiss CSTM team up to boost healthcare & wellness entrepreneurship

The collaboration with the Swiss center of specialization in complementary therapies aims to boost healthcare entrepreneurship. Both will combine their know-how to contribute to the growth of the sector.

Press release | In Valencia, March 8, 2021.


The CSTM – Centro Studi di Terapie Multidisciplinari is based in Taverne, a city in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. It has a complete and cutting-edge training offer, open to all Swiss cantons and also international, backed by almost 20 years of experience and offered by highly qualified and rigorously selected professionals: doctors, technicians and operators active in the health sector in Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

All CSTM training courses comply with the quality requirements of the EMR/RME Registry of Empirical Medicine, have been accredited by Fondazione ASCA, and are ISO 9001:2015 quality certified.

CSTM operates a clinic, CSTM SYNERGIE, en el que aplica un protocolo terapéutico innovador, llamado “Cure4”. El protocolo incluye desde el diagnóstico estructural; bioquímico y nutricional-dietético; reflexología, hasta la aplicación de un screening holístico llevado a cabo por un equipo de especialistas interdisciplinarios que aseguran el «bienestar del paciente».

CSTM's hallmark is the application of Functional Global Therapy-TFG®, which can be considered the holistic therapy par excellence. According to CSTM, TFG consists of:

“una disciplina transversal al ámbito médico-rehabilitador. Esta técnica es el resultado de una estrecha colaboración a lo largo de los años con reconocidos especialistas con gran experiencia en diversas técnicas y terapias manuales, así como en ortopedia y traumatología».

The TFG method is the standard bearer of CSTM's innovation, which has made it one of the most demanded therapeutic practices in and outside Switzerland. Therefore, the aim is to bring and make TFG® known in Spain.



Gowper® is an international law firm, headquartered in Valencia, which offers a wide range of the most demanded legal services in leading industries, including the health and wellness sector. Its lawyers are highly specialized in the regulations applicable in the European Union to different activities, from dietary supplements, food supplements and nutraceuticals in general - including those manufactured with innovative technologies such as nanoencapsulation - to therapies and therapeutic treatments and their recognition in the health and social security systems of Spain and other countries.

At the same time, Gowper has developed the Individualized Solutions Plans®, which are productized legal services, available online for a flat fee, making Gowper the first legal e-commerce in Spain. The Individualized Solutions Plans are designed so that both consolidated companies and entrepreneurs and startups get access to high-performance and cost-effective legal solutions, allowing them to save on resources that they can devote to innovation.

Reimel Ariosa, managing partner at Gowper, considers that:

The collaboration with the CSTM allows us to combine the know-how of this Swiss center of great international prestige, which they apply to both professional training and therapeutic care, together with our legal expertise in the health field, where we can provide differential value through our Individualized Solutions Plans, which are unique in the market and distinguish us from other law firms”.



The expansion of CSTM's training offerings in Spain, especially focused on the Global Functional Therapy-TFG®will allow professionals in the natural therapies sector, from doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and others, who are already working in this field or who want to enter the sector, to acquire new knowledge and skills in this field.

Gowper's Head of Innovation, Julio Pellitero, emphasizes what the partnership means:

This is a huge qualitative leap to promote a culture of well-being and psychophysical health in Spain. CSTM will provide the possibility of first level training for the professionals of the sector in our country, with the Swiss quality label, in order to strengthen credibility. For our part, Gowper is committed to provide a complete legal guidance to the entrepreneurs of the sector, from the beginning of the activity, its development and consolidation, preserving at all times the compliance with the Spanish and EU regulations.



In Spain, 300,000 individuals use natural, complementary or alternative therapies on a daily basis, and more than 80,000 professionals are taxed in Spain as naturopaths, acupuncturists and other parasanitary treatments, according to data from the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Workers (UPTA). In Europe, more than 150,000 physicians have an additional qualification in complementary therapies, while another 180,000 could be interested in the same, according to EUROCAM.

The collaboration between Gowper and CSTM aims to meet the growing needs of the industry.


Los términos «complementario», «alternativo» e «integrador» están evolucionando continuamente, como conceptos médico-jurídicos, e incluyen un grupo amplio y diverso de procedimientos o técnicas aplicadas o impartidas por un profesional o técnico cualificado.

  • Si una práctica no convencional se utiliza junto con la medicina convencional, se considera «complementaria».
  • Si una práctica no convencional se utiliza en lugar de la medicina convencional, se considera «alternativa».

The legislative and legal framework in the European Union and the integration of Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM) into the healthcare systems of the different Member States and other related countries, such as Switzerland, varies from country to country, with regulation existing in some and lacking in others.

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