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Our Individualized Solutions Plans (ISPs) are designed to help your business thrive in whichever stage of development it is in. They make it easier for both established companies and startups to access specialized and effective legal solutions, at an affordable price.

¿How Does It Work?

You have five Individualized Solutions Plans (ISPs) available to purchase quickly and securely on our website, in less than 5 minutes. Four of our ISPs can also be easily customized to fit your needs and budget. When a specific duration of the services included in a Plan is not established, it will be monthly and can be renewed only with a new purchase. To better understand the purchase process, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Acquaint yourself with our ISPs

Before you begin the purchase process, look carefully at the precise, clear and simply description of each of the five available ISPs. You will find the following information for each of the ISPs:

  1. Type of legal services included.
  2. Price range - from basic to maximum rate.
  3. Duration.

Select the one that solves your legal problems!

Step 2

Customize your solution

Each ISP allow you to set up the different services included in it. Add all you might need and configure them till create the tailored solution you've been looking for.

You customize it to fit!

Step 3

Complete your purchase

You're closer to meeting all your needs!

Complete our data form and proceed to payment through the secure and verified payment methods available. You will automatically receive the professional assignment sheet in the email you provided, which you can sign digitally. 

Enjoy the comfort of Legal Tech!

Step 4

Now you can enjoy your ISP

Within 24 hours our staff will contact you to collect all the information and documentation necessary to start providing the service.

Now you can go about your business while Gowper takes care of the problem!

Customized legal solutions to fit your needs

Fast, resourceful, and easily customizable Individualized Solutions Plans (ISPs), which you can start enjoying immediately upon purchase on our website.

Red Solutions

Our ISP for helping great ideas come alive.


  • Incorporation of a domestically or foreign-owned startups
  • Articles of association & bylaws adapted to the startups' funding needs
  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Secretary services & attendance to shareholders' meetings
  • Legal support during search for any types of investors
  • With fast execution



(plus VAT)

Blue Solutions

Our ISP for All-In-One Affordable Solutions As Long As You Want To.


  • To choose from incorporating one private limited company
  • Secretary and corporate services
  • Debt recovery, including out-of-court and monetary claims
  • Commercial contracts drafting or revision
  • During one month, 24/7



(plus VAT)

Lilac Solutions

Our ISP for the Safe Exploitation of your Intellectual Property Rights.


  • Application for registration of trademark, patent, industrial design or a domain name
  • Renewal of a trademark
  • Out-of-court complaints for trademark and copyright infringement, piracy, speculative or abusive registration of domain names (cybersquatting)
  • With fast execution



(plus VAT)

Orange Solutions

Our ISP for any Type of Commercial Contracts your Business may need.


  • Drafting, revision and continued advice by lawyers during the negotiation of up to 5 individualized commercial contracts or ad hoc templates
  • Fast delivery



(plus VAT)

Green Solutions

Our ISP for any judicial claim your business might need to face or deal with.


  • Debt recovery, including one out-of-court claim, amicable negotiation and the initiation of an order for payment procedure or small claim procedure within the EU
  • With fast execution



(of the amount claimed, VAT included)

¿Need Help? Let’s talk!

If after consulting the details of our Individualized Solutions Plans (ISP) you still have any questions, please contact us, and our team of lawyers and consultants will be happy to assist you with more information.

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