Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

The Agribusiness, Food & Beverage sector is one of the most affected by domestic and international regulations. From family farms to global operations, there are challenges and opportunities in the food industry that creates legal advice needs.

We Ensure Protection Throughout the Entire Cycle Of the International Sales Of Goods

With the global population growth, food and agricultural companies throughout the supply chain continue to seek ways to innovate their practices through technology, improve product quality and quantity, and meet the demands of their consumers. As a result, complying with the requirements of state, local, and international regulatory bodies has become delicate matters.

Sophisticated, Integrated Services Within Reach

Gowper is driving an agricultural revolution across the industry, from legal advice on gene editing and other agricultural technology to alcohol and cannabis. We help clients capitalize on changes in production, processing, distribution, and regulation of food. These technologies add value to farm operations by supporting complex farm management decisions related to planting, application of herbicides and fertilizers, and pest management. As entrepreneur supporters, we help businesses capitalize on the opportunities presented by today’s agricultural revolution, especially big data, gene editing, nanotechnology, unmanned aircraft systems and other advances.

List of Services:

  • Counseling on regulatory and contractual matters, including R&D and scientific cooperation agreements.
  • Merger and acquisition processes.
  • Counseling on labelling related-issues, advertising requirements, and food safety regulations in the EU and beyond.
  • International regulation compliance.
  • Advice on antitrust matters, smuggling and illicit trade legislation.
  • Environmental compliance and permitting.
  • Legal advice on investments and financing.
  • Food liability.
  • Legal advice on gene editing ethics, regulations, and emerging risks.
  • Counseling on technology and innovation development, including technology licensing and branding, as well as any Intellectual Property related-matters.
  • Counseling on cannabis legislation, CBD & industrial hemp, and medical-related applications.
  • Representation and defense in sanctions and controls' proceedings.
  • Litigation and arbitration, both domestically and at international level.