The government’s regulatory agencies and legislative measures have increased the complexity and relevance in global antitrust activity. In a context of cross-jurisdictional cooperation, companies become compelled to get legal and professional advice.

Internationalization poses an extra risk factor

The standardization of the antitrust regulations in the EU and internationally lead to international companies being specially exposed to these antitrust concepts in its business activities and the need to defense themselves from antitrust behavior by its competitors.

We combine specialization with integrated, borderless services

Gowper offers a comprehensive and skilled antitrust counseling. We are highly specialized in European competition law, which allows us to provide a broad cross-border assistance. Outside the EU, we work hand in hand with our strategic allies, to tackle all antitrust matters affecting our clients. 

In Gowper, we are excited to go with our clients and guide them on their international business ventures to help establish themselves in any market with full security and the assurance of not being harmed by anticompetitive business practices.

List of Services:

  • Comprehensive counseling on antitrust and competition law at national and European level.
  • Pre-merger notification advice and monitoring of all negotiations.
  • Wide range of judicial and non-judicial litigation.
  • Legal advising in case of any type of government investigation, including for suspected cartel behavior.
  • General counseling about fiscal treatment in competition law of state aids.