Auto-tech can be described as a disruptive technology that has grown out of the automotive sector. That is why Gowper is a strong ally of this technological evolution. We represent a disruptive business which provides all the tools and resources that our clients need to grow and evolve in a tech world.

We Help All Key Players

When we talk about auto-tech sector, we mean not only automotive suppliers and manufacturers, but also software providers, technology companies, and investment funds.

Our tech inspiration allows us to advise companies seeking to understand how to do business in the automotive industry, as well as traditional automotive industry players working with companies providing invaluable software technologies for autonomous vehicles, semi-autonomous vehicles, V2X and connected technologies.

This Is An Integral Advisory Service

At Gowper, we have developed a legal full-service to provide legal assistance and practical insight to clients in all aspects of autonomous vehicle and automotive industries with the objective to begin or strengthen their activity in auto-tech sector, and have approached it from the perspective of internationalization.

In our understanding of the sector, we can tell that autonomous and electric vehicles are the hottest trends in the auto-tech sector, and self-driving cars will improve mobility and safety but they also pose challenges in apportioning risk and liability. However, this industry should also focus on the requirements of a vast new infrastructure for electric cars and the increasing risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, in order to ensure its complete implementation and success.

List of Services:

  • Safety standards and regulation legal counsel.
  • Data privacy and data ownership legal issues advice, involving the collection, storage, sale, use, and transfer of such data.
  • Manufacturer, supplier, software provider contracting, and any other kind of contracts related to auto-tech industry.
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Software Licensing administration, management and prosecution: drafting and negotiating development licence and service agreements; trademark and patent prosecution and portfolio management.
  • Product liability litigation and arbitration, in both domestic and international level: dealing with liabilities when systems or components fail.
  • Regulatory issues: representation and defense on regulatory procedure.
  • Legal advice on public sector infrastructure.
  • Legal advice on state regulation.
  • E-mobility development: establishing charging infrastructure and developing e-car and connected car test tracks.
  • Corporate development: strategic acquisitions and disposals, industry joint ventures; private equity, venture capital and other investments.