Banking, Fintech and Insurance

The banking and financial system is strongly changing to adapt its work models to the new financial point of view of the companies. Entrepreneurs and startups are unbundling the business of financial institutions, while established companies search for new offerings and novel processes through acquisitions, joint ventures, and internal innovations. We are proud of handling ( o being able to handle) the new fintech tools and of our understanding of the system’s changes.

Similarly, actors in the insurance sector face many legal, regulatory and commercial challenges, especially due to the complexity of the sector and its rapid evolution with innovative technology-based products.

Our freshness of vision breaks down the barriers

At Gowper we bring an up-to-date, innovative approach to the fintech industry. Through our expert advice on available fintech resources for entrepreneurs, we guide our clients to bring to life their unique view of a new type of financing and get financial support under the best possible conditions from the traditional financial institutions and the newest players in the industry. 

In insurance, we have experience in advising on a wide range of product development, transactional and regulatory issues and in dispute resolution, both in Spain and in the European Union.

List of Services:

  • Legal advice on financial resources.
  • Counselling on legislative financial systems and on latest European regulations.
  • Domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions, restructurings, strategic alliances, private equity investments, and capital markets transactions.
  • Rescue operations and recapitalizations.
  • Comprehensive legal advice on any type of crowdfunding matter, including the procedure to act as a Participative Financial Platform in Spain.
  • Litigation and arbitration arising from financial matters.
  • Intervention and defense in any regulatory proceeding or disciplinary procedure.
  • Counselling during national or international financial contract negotiation.
  • Legal advice on the development and implementation of innovative insurance and reinsurance products, including private equity and venture capital funded transactions and structuring acquisitions for optimal tax benefits.
  • Defense against claims and disputes from private and public clients, as well as regulatory investigations and multi-state enforcement procedures.