Cybersecurity & Privacy

Information security has become an especially relevant area of law due to the importance of the requirements to keep data and information systems secure.

Protection Against Imminent Risks

These requirements first stem from public law (statutes and regulations) in order to protect user’s data collected by companies. They secondly stem from private arrangements made via contracts in order to protect the companies itself.

The ability to transfer customer data, employee files, financial records, and other information around the globe quickly and cheaply has opened up a world of opportunity for many businesses. It also presents a new world of risks.

Large-scale Protective Measures, Domestically and Internationally

Gowper works collaboratively across disciplines and jurisdictions to advise domestic and multinational clients on legal obligations and liabilities.

But also on anticipated changes in laws and enforcement practices, strategies for managing compliance and risks, and minimizing the costs and efforts of compliance.

We counsel companies on EU privacy developments and compliance strategies, including the cross-border transfer of personal data, perform an intensive review of privacy safeguards, and prepare a strategic plan for a defense contractor's privacy and data protection program.

List of Services: 

  • Assessment and management of data privacy and cybersecurity risks and liabilities in corporate and financial transactions.
  • Compliance with data protection laws and regulations.
  • Assessment and drafting cookies and privacy policies, codes of conduct, whistleblower policies, binding corporate rules and international data transfer agreements.
  • Advice on usage of data in marketing, including on opt-out and opt-in mechanisms in relation to placement of cookies and consents.
  • Data processing and data transfer agreements.
  • Data security breach preparedness and response.
  • Representation and defense on disciplinary and regulatory proceedings.