Sports law

Sports Law is a well-established discipline in continuous growth with specific regulations, perhaps outdated in some areas. With the socio-economic impact of Sport Events comes an integral whole set of new legal needs that legislation can’t successfully solve by itself.

We Strive To Achieve Success For the Sports Entrepreneurs

An area that requires special attention from the legislator is sport entrepreneurship. This is a combination of sport management and innovation research that is opening up a way without specific regulatory support.

At Gowper, We Innovate On A Daily Basis

In Gowper we want be that supporter and boost sport entrepreneurs with full guidance on corporate, business and financial aspects until they earn a deserve establishment in the sports context.

Gowper provides legal resources to all stakeholders in sports business with the objective of prepare our clients to climb the podium.

Our legal services involve contractual, federative and regulatory matters as well as sport-related litigation and arbitration in both domestic and international level.

List of Services: 

  • General legal advice in any sports-related matter.
  • Negotiating and drafting of any sports-related contracts, especially in the field of labor law, transfer of players, image rights, agents' activity, sponsoring and marketing.
  • Corporate sports matters and sports-related financial transactions, including stadium financing and franchise acquisitions.
  • Brand protection for professional athletes.
  • Disciplinary matters, including doping issues.
  • Counseling and representing Olympic Committees in selection's disputes and regulatory matters.
  • Litigation and arbitration in both domestic and international level.
  • Representation and defense in sports' courts procedures.
  • Sports mediation and dispute resolution advice on sport’s governing body regulations.
  • Preparing and filing of visa applications for sports talents, including broadcasting of talented athletes.
  • Drafting of legal reports and expert opinions.

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