Real estate

With volatility in the global economy and the emergence of new real estate investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds, the commercial real estate market has become much more competitive.

We Possess a Global Approach Of the Real Estate Market

In consequence, the global real estate industry is evolving in response to the changing needs of property investors and users. New investors are moving into real estate from other investment areas, bringing with them fresh ideas and diverse requirements.

Gowper offers market-leading advice across a range of practice areas where real estate is at the center of the transaction. We have in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector and its operators, which allows us to anticipate the possible risks and complications of projects and provide effective solutions through innovative legal strategies.

List of Services:

  • Advice on real estate projects, including acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures, financings, and restructurings.
  • Sale and purchase of real estate companies and assets.
  • Real estate development, turnkey contracts, and forward funding.
  • Legal assistance in debt portfolios management and real estate debt acquisitions.
  • Study and advice on sector-specific legislation.
  • Financial liability.
  • Litigation and arbitration in real estate matters, in both domestic and international level.

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