Maritime, Transportation & Logistics

The transport of goods and passengers is a primary concern for global trade, presenting myriad risks and legal challenges due a dual regulation, the first public legislation and the second private stipulations.

We Anticipate Risks of International Transports

The contractual requirements around multimodal project cargo transport are complex, requiring careful consideration and sector expertise. Meanwhile, remaining profitable in a fast-paced and competitive market is a constant challenge for the transportation industry, and the contract certainty we provide helps clients maintain their edge.

Gowper provides legal services to clients on an international and national level in the transportation, trucking, shipping, cargo, property broker, freight forwarder, third-party logistics (3PL), intermodal, bus, taxi, private fleet, commuter railroad, aviation and airport businesses, including insurers of transportation companies. But we go beyond this traditional service.

List of Services:

  • Legal advice on authorization procedures, publicly-owned property use concessions and contracts for port public works concessions.
  • Counseling on port logistics operations, including management and provision of port services.
  • Achievement of savings in the payment of demurrage with adequate fiscal planning.
  • Legal advice on port-related best practice in the field of competition.
  • Legal assistance on navigation accidents and incidents, including marine pollution, collision, salvage, piracy and sea protest.
  • Ship and recreational yacht registration
  • Negotiation and drafting of ship building contracts and ship repair.
  • Negotiation and drafting of towage and pilotage contracts.
  • Transportation within the scheme of bill of lading and sea waybill.
  • Bailment and cargo handling contracts.
  • Counseling on logistics and multimodal transport contracts.
  • Internationalization of logistics companies and advice on international operations, including tendering and invitations to tender, drafting of contracts, transactions with securities of companies in the sector, etc.
  • Advice on national and international road transport.
  • Legal assistance on air accidents.
  • Regulatory and administrative issues, authorizations and permits for the creation of airlines companies, opening of lines and flight operation contracts.
  • Representation and defense in sanctioning and competition proceedings in the field of air transport.
  • Aircraft certification and registration.
  • Counseling on sale and purchase of aircraft, financing and leasing.
  • Litigation and arbitration in both domestic and international level.