Politics, Ethics & the Nonprofit Sector

In today's global society, marked by continuing change, political parties face the challenge of ensuring that their policy projects comply with the grid of local, national and supranational laws and pass the media's filter of transparency, without ever losing contact with the electorate. 

Mientras que en países como Estados Unidos, las grandes firmas legales desarrollan como parte de su actividad diaria el Derecho Político, en Europa y América Latina generalmente se trata de forma especialmente cautelosa.

We Strive to Promote the Establishment of Open and Transparent Political Structures

We at Gowper believe that it is important to address politics openly and transparently to the public, to ensure that issues of the utmost importance such as ethics, lobbyism and the financing of political parties and formations are integrated into political discourse and practice, in accordance with the law and under the scrutiny of the public eye.

We Are Specialized in Political law and Institutional Communication

Combining deep legal expertise with knowledge of regulatory enforcement, our lawyers provide a wide range of political law advice, with particular emphasis on campaign finance, pay-to-play, ethics, lobbying, and conflicts of interest in connection with state and local laws.

In order to support the innovative political activity, besides our legal advice in general political law, we have implemented comprehensive institutional communication plans for Political Parties and Organizations, issues of responsibility, and crisis management.

List of Services: 

  • Campaign Finance: Generally Applicable and Donor-Specific Contribution Limits.
  • Pay-to-Play Compliance.
  • Election law.
  • Responsibility for the lobbying activity and issues of conflict of interests.
  • Legal advice on hospitality and gifts rules.
  • Political party legal requirements and limits.
  • Political party compliance.
  • Drafting and adaptation to specific regulations of legislative proposals and non-legislative proposals (PNL) for Committees and the Plenary of Congress and motions in the Spanish Senate and other foreign parliamentary bodies.
  • Design of Communication Plans for Political Parties and Organizations.
  • Creation of crisis cabinet for crisis management.

We encourage dialogue and social interaction by empowering the Third Sector.

We provide legal advice, in many cases pro bono, to the various players in the social economy, made up of the rich diversity of Spanish, European and international non-governmental organisations, associations and foundations that are dedicated to contributing to the betterment of society and of the planet through the safeguarding of fundamental rights and freedoms and the general interest.

List of Services: 

  • Advising on the establishment of foundations, associations and nonprofit organisations of the widest spectrum.
  • Advice and assistance in the establishment of foreign NGOs in Spain and the European Union.
  • Secretariat of Boards of Patrons and Governing Bodies. 
  • Tax regulation, investment regime, donations, patronage activities and tax benefits. 
  • Collaboration agreements, networks and contracts.
  • Compliance with and implementation of regulations and standards of international organisations (IOs).
  • Advice on interaction with State bodies, other national and international public bodies and organisations, as well as the private economic sector.
  • Advice on monitoring and lobbying of states, international organisations, civil society and citizens.
  • Advice and assistance in the implementation of humanitarian aid channels, conflict prevention, development cooperation and the provision of certain public social services in cooperation with State bodies and IOs.

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