Political law, Election & Ethics

Entrepreneurship is not an exclusive business activity. In this changing, challenging, and complex political environment, offering new and innovative approaches requires verification of their adequacy to the local law, to well-established international norms and practices, and must satisfy the transparency test of the mass media. 

While in the USA the biggest law firms take political law as an important practice area to develop on a daily basis, in Europe and Latin American countries the most important law firms take it cautiously and treat it as if it were almost a forbidden matter.

We Strive to Promote the Establishment of Open and Transparent Political Structures

In Gowper, we think that this wrong point of view is obstructing a healthy political development where important issues like government ethics, lobbying, transparency, and campaign finance should naturally move into the light of public scrutiny and disseminated in the public realm.

We Are Specialized in Political law and Institutional Communication

Combining deep legal expertise with knowledge of regulatory enforcement, Gowper provides a wide range of political law advice, with particular emphasis on campaign finance, pay-to-play, ethics, lobbying, and conflicts of interest in connection with state and local laws.

In order to support the innovative political activity, besides our legal advice in general political law, we have implemented comprehensive institutional communication plans for Political Parties and Organizations, issues of responsibility, and crisis management.

List of Services: 

  • Campaign Finance: Generally Applicable and Donor-Specific Contribution Limits.
  • Pay-to-Play Compliance.
  • Election law.
  • Responsibility for the lobbying activity and issues of conflict of interests.
  • Legal advice on hospitality and gifts rules.
  • Political party legal requirements and limits.
  • Political party compliance.
  • Design of Communication Plans for Political Parties and Organizations.
  • Creation of crisis cabinet for crisis management.

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