Gaming & Esports


The videogame industry is continuing to expand and evolve at a rapid rate, interacting in the process with different areas of law. This complex gaming ecosystem goes from Intellectual Property matters to ethical rules and liability issues.

Legal Resources To Key Players Of The Industry

In the interest of the industry, Gowper advises clients involved in all aspects of videogame development, publishing, and distribution. We provide a full spectrum of of not only legal services but also resources.

One of the most notable issues in the electronic gaming sector is the need of reinvention. While other games come and go with a full package of innovative mechanisms, some established videogame creators need to find a way to remain, or on the other hand, face a complex and naturally innovative industry. Some new videogame creators need to find a way for their establishment. Gowper is an all gaming spirit and a strong supporter of the videogames industry.

We Are Gamers

We are not only lawyers; we are gamers, and that is why we care about the quality concerns in the industry. However, in the legal field, many applicable laws to videogame development are out of step with new technology and practices. At this point, legal compliance becomes challenging for videogame companies, regardless of their establishment. Our goal is to assist developers, publishers, and owners of original videogaming content throughout the regulatory framework, Intellectual Property protection structures, and complex litigation arena surrounding this highly complex and global electronic games industry.

List of Services:

  • Drafting and negotiating video game development agreements, publishing agreements, distribution agreements, and license agreements.
  • Obtaining, protecting, and enforcing intellectual property rights.
  • User generated content rights.
  • Social gaming legal policies and online rights.
  • Massive multi-player gaming agreements.
  • Derechos y responsabilidades derivados de la creación de MODs, parches de juegos y transformaciones completas.
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality Gaming (VR AR) rights and liabilities.
  • Regulatory affairs.
  • Dispute resolution, litigation, and arbitration.



The electronic sports industry has become a new and popular entertainment medium that, like sports laws, implies a set of regulations. E-sport law is an amalgamation of multiple law disciplines but is evolving into a complex and unique practice area.

In Gowper, We're Among the First To Welcome Esports 

Gowper initiates a Spain e-sports law development by the provision of legal resources for the e-sports community, including helping establish new norms and balancing power dynamics, or intermingle e-sports and traditional sports industries to support a sustainable growth.

We Want A Pro-Esport Legal Framework

Gowper goes beyond a typical law firm; we are not simply services provider, we are a resource provider. Our commitment to the e-sports industry grants us to help in the construction of the e-sport legal ecosystem and deeply invest in its future growth. This allows us to offer representative e-sports capabilities.

List of Services: 

  • Negotiating and drafting of player contracts, endorsement deals, talent agreements, sponsorship agreements, and any other esports-related contracts.
  • Negotiating and drafting of specific contracts for content creators on every major streaming platform, including Twitch and YouTube.
  • Legal advice in the e-sports team and e-sports organization investments.
  • Counseling on league rules for e-sports teams and e-sports business.
  • Counseling on acquisition of e-sports organizations, player rosters, and franchises in e-sports leagues.
  • Corporate general counseling and advice on issues including live streaming, corporate formation, fundraising, employment, sponsorships, Intellectual Property licensing, and merchandising.
  • Manage and resolve disputes involving player poaching and league rules compliance.
  • Prepare and file visa petitions on behalf e-sports talents, including broadcast talent.
  • Legal advice for investors.
  • Representation and Defense on Intellectual Property disputes, especially about brand names similarity.
  • Litigation and arbitration.