Corporate Governance, Compliance & Social Responsibility


In recent years, corporate governance has become a very relevant area of legal advice. Gowper, as a provider of law resources, collaborates with all kinds of business professionals in order to offer a comprehensive counsel that not only considers legal aspects, but also market practices, criteria of institutional investors, proxy advisors, and good governance recommendations.

Our goal is to cover the most sensitive and high-profile corporate issues in order to guarantee the expected business development of our clients. 

List of Services: 

  • The role of secretary of the board and its internal commissions.
  • Review and update of internal rules and corporate policies.
  • Remuneration of administrators and members of the board.
  • Preparation and development of general meetings.
  • Preparation and response to shareholder activism.
  • Relations with markets and supervisory authorities.
  • Strategic and legal advice on corporate transactions.
  • Drawing of Legal Reports and Opinions. 


The increasing regulations in the compliance system has, as a consequence, the need of specialized advice for any kind of corporation.

Gowper focuses its practice on both SMEs and large corporations, developing Comprehensive Compliance Systems for leading national and international clients while considering the needs and different legislations that affects the specific sector of activity of these clients.

List of Services: 

  • Design and implementation or adaptation and updating of Regulatory Compliance Systems.
  • Design, development, and implementation or adaptation and updating of Crime Prevention Models.
  • Design, preparation, and implementation of whistle-blowing channels.
  • Internal and external investigations and whistleblower complaints.
  • Support and advice to the Compliant Officer and to the company governance.
  • Advice and assistance in obtaining Compliance Certifications.
  • Development and implementation of compliance protocols in specific areas.



Also, corporate social responsibility has become a well-known concept over the last decade and a half. This kind of new responsibility system is a type of international private business self-regulation in order to contribute in the companies’ surroundings improvement. International organizations have promoted principles and an appropriate Corporate Social Responsibility System may be indispensable to get market competitive advantages.

At Gowper we are aware of the requirements of national and foreign entities in this respect, and we offer personalized counseling to each company within its respective industry, in order to help them develop a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility System.

List of Services:

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Systems, tailored to the needs of the companies, including a study to assess the impact within their area of activity.
  • Drafting of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies taking account of all stakeholders' interests.