Litigation & Dispute resolution

In today’s legal and regulatory environment, litigation can threaten a company’s very existence.

Pre-litigation Advice and Strategy-building 

That is why at Gowper, we help clients by building pre-litigation strategies with a view to reaching an amicable settlement, and reduce the uncertainties associated with dispute resolution. We ensure that clients understand the strategies available to them for avoiding judicialization of the controversy, as well as the different approaches for their judicial defense, in case an amicable solution cannot be reached.

At the moment the judicial proceeding begins, we conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine the convenience of a short-term victory, more limited in scope, or an overall success in a longer deadline.

Activities Before the Courts

We represent clients in all type of judicial matters and procedures, particularly regarding civil and commercial litigation.

Our lawyers are highly specialized and deal with the most complicated topics related to the main economic sectors on a daily basis.

Covering the Entire Spanish Territory

We represent clients before trial courts, appellate courts, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court, in all stages and at all levels. 

Acting Across Europe and Beyond

We counsel in many other jurisdictions within the European Union and elsewhere, when cross-border cases require a sophisticated understanding of private international law, together with knowledge of local law. Likewise, we represent clients in dealing with cases concerning international public law. 

Speaking a Variety Of Languages

Our multi-language team of lawyers and professionals is able to offer clients a comprehensive service to solve international disputes, private and public, if not ourselves personally, then through our International allies.

At international level, we have represented clients before the courts of the highest level, such as the General Court of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Union, or the European Court of Human Rights, and top-tier alternative dispute resolution bodies such as the ICC or CIETAC. 

List of Services

  • International and domestic arbitration: ad hoc and institutional before top-tier arbitration bodies.
  • Liability litigation: contractual and tort, product liability and professional liability.
  • Corporate litigation.
  • Class actions
  • Early termination of contracts, non-compliance, parties' responsibilities in performing the contract, and compensation for damages.
  • Defence and representation in IP matters.