Emerging Markets

As providers of entrepreneurial legal resources, we have solid knowledge of the importance of increasing commercial activity in the emerging markets like Africa, Asia, and Latin America or in business or financial hub in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

We Master The Challenges Of Multi-jurisdictional Trade Operations

In accordance to our international specialization, Gowper provides seamless coverage across all jurisdictions, even when it relates to emerging markets.

In this way, we offer our clients a full and continuous guide to ensure that their commercial transactions are completed successfully in cost-effective manner, or defend our clients’ interests in domestic judicial proceedings or local regulatory proceedings, or at international level working hand in hand with our strategic allies. 

List of Services: 

  • Legal advice in commercial transactions in emerging markets.
  • Intervention and out-of-court and in court defense in any proceeding against private or public entities and before national or international courts, through our legal partners.
  • National and international arbitration as well as any kind of legal assistance in any ADR, alongside our legal partners.
  • Defense and advice in case of regulatory proceedings, through our legal partners.
  • Legal advice about EU legislation of business relations with emerging markets.
  • Commercial transactions legal strategy assessment in order to reconcile with EU limits and bounds.