Intellectual Property

Entrepreneurship is bound to IP in an increasing tech-world. That is why Gowper focuses particularly on problems relating to the protection and comprehensive exploitation of intangible assets of companies.

Cross-cutting & Full Service

We offer a comprehensive, cross-cutting service in defense of our clients’ interests, counselling and representing them anywhere in the world in lawsuits concerning Intellectual Property, working hand in hand with our international allies, as necessary. 

Unlike Intellectual Property boutique firms that limit their practice mostly to more traditional Intellectual Property matters, Gowper includes, as a relevant service, trade secrets and know-how, cybersquatting and fighting counterfeiting and piracy.

Other of our innovative services consist in the defense of our clients ́ interests, relating to Trademark Clearinghouse. Gowper offers a dual Trademark Clearinghouse service: first, the defense and registration of domains for our clients trademarks, which implies straits requirements, and second, defense and representation when a third party get registered or pretends to register a domain coinciding with a registered trademark. 

List of Services

  • Filing of Spanish, European Union, and international patents, domain names, Industrial Designs, and trademark applications.
  • Prior assessment of registration requirements, including study of viability.
  • Litigation and arbitration, domestic or international, in any conflict related to Intellectual Property.
  • Drawing-up and review of contracts concerning the transfer or assignment of rights, licenses of trademarks, know-how, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (NDA), provision of services, and any other subject in the field of Intellectual Property.
  • Contractual negotiations and amicable settlements of disputes.
  • Preparation of legal reports and experts’ opinions.
  • Defense strategy development relating to trade secrets and know-how of companies. 
  • Domain recovery and combat of cybersquatting by filing a complaint with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.
  • Domain recovery for other ccTLDs before national bodies of countries where UDRP Policy is not applied, like .us (US), .de (Germany), .at (Austria), .it (Italy), .ar (Argentina), .cl (Chile), .be (Belgium), .lu (Luxemburg), .no (Norway), .fi (Finland), etc.
  •  Fight against piracy and counterfeiting, including for the purpose of claiming compensation.
  • Registration and defense in Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).


At Gowper we also advise entertainment companies and startups, new digital information companies, independent studios and production firms of various sizes, small and medium sized publishing houses, software companies, and in general, a wide range of rights holders of audiovisual, literary, journalistic, musical, plastic artists and creators, private collectors of artworks and galleries, works of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design, etc. in all matters of copyright and IP.

We work with clients, both in Spain and Europe and globally, to license content for use and distribution worldwide, and to protect against unauthorized use, plagiarism or theft of those rights in international jurisdictions and to guarantee their economic and moral rights.

List of Services

  • Registration, recognition and defense of the holder of rights over a literary, scientific or artistic work against copyright infringement.
  • Financing, licensing and distribution of independent films, television programs and news in digital media and the Internet.
  • Application of national and European Union copyright regulations (Directive (EU) 2019/790--Copyright Directive) and international regulations (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works) and issues relating to extraterritorial infringements.
  • Defence of software owners against infringements, plagiarism and theft.