Retail, Manufacturing & Industrial Processes

Gowper is all about helping entrepreneurial endeavours. We provide advice and resources to our clients who want to establish their business at a national level or begin an international journey.

No Matter How Big or Small Your Company Is

We are specialized in legal advice involving the creation of networks, installation, and advice on commercial retail establishments, from all legal areas and points of view.

We work with designers, manufacturers, retailers, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and conglomerates, covering all aspects of their activities. 

List of Services:

  • Structuring business models and franchising, distribution or agency networks.
  • Merger and acquisition processes.
  • Legal strategy for the consolidation of the business.
  • Relationship with suppliers.
  • Relationship with consumers.
  • Commercial transactions.
  • Opening of retail establishments.
  • Outsourcing. 
  • Logistics, storage and transport networks. 
  • Manufacturing and supply. 
  • Advice on specific regulations applicable to retail businesses.
  • Litigation and arbitration.
  • Intellectual property related-matters.