Life Sciences, Cosmetic & Biotechnology

We have a dedicated practice area to Life Sciences and Biotechnology, through which we help companies from the pharmaceutical industry offering strong legal support so they can develop health solutions and medicines and carry out research, development, and innovation

We Anticipate Risks To Ensure Growth

Biotechnology regulations are rapidly evolving. Most biopharma's developments take years to get to market, which makes compliance and IP protection, legally and strategically complex. Still is an emerging field with the potential to be quite lucrative, making it particularly exciting for entrepreneurs. As life sciences and biotechnology can have industrial, medical, food and agricultural uses, complex regulatory and compliance landscape requires highly specialized knowledge in a variety of legal areas. That is when Gowper help is more needed. Gowper focuses on advising clients on the development, manufacture, registration, marketing and promotion of drugs, biologics, devices and other products and innovations.

Specialization Allows Us To Offer Greater Results  

We have develop an expertise across the entire pharmaceutical and biotech landscape, helping our clients in their innovation in a relevant variety of disciplines, including PCR, molecular tools and probes, immunology, cell varieties and uses and biological polymers. Our legal services goes beyond a traditional law firm and turn into a real provider of legal resources related to every need of a company in this sector.

Gowper ultimate goal is to help our clients leverage each step of the commercialization process to enhance investor confidence and facilitate the granting of funding, licensing and royalty revenue, sales revenue, and regulatory approval for reaching the market more efficiently. Gowper provides legal-tech tools that helps to tackle likely legal obstacles by means of practical solutions aimed at reducing business risks and advancing business goals more effectively.

List of Services:

  • Patent filing and maintenance, and patent-term extension counseling.
  • Intellectual Property global portfolio management and strategies.
  • Counseling and assistance on corporate matters, including joint venture formation and control, M&A deals of pharmaceutical laboratories and medical device companies and the cosmetics and food sectors, etc.
  • Advising on commercial transactions, especially in licensing agreements, strategic alliance or partnering transactions, R&D agreements, manufacturing and supply arrangements, NDA, trade secrets protection, etc. with an international focus.
  • Counseling and assistance on unfair competition matters.
  • Guiding you through the complex regulatory and compliance landscape of the Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency (AEMPS), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other EU agencies or EU Member States’ agencies.
  • Counseling and assistance on all kind of legal needs relating to innovative, generic and OTC products.
  • Legal advice in Biotechnology development ethics and legal limits.
  • Biotechnology and biopharma's risks and liabilities.
  • Litigation and arbitration.