Solutions to Change
the Rules for The Better

Our Legal Solutions are designed to grow your business at whatever stage of development it is in, and provide established companies and startups with access to effective legal solutions for a flat fee

Corporate Law

A solution for helping great ideas come alive

Red Solution
  • Companies Incorporation
  • Shareholders' Agreement
  • Internationalization Plan

Commercial Law

A solution to protect and prevent

Orange Solution
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contracts Revision
  • Negotiation Assistance

IP Law

A solution to ensure your future

Lilac Solution
  • Trademark Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • IP Litigation


A solution of hope and recovery

Green Solution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Business Torts
  • Money Claims

Meet our
Legal Process Outsourcing

Insourcing or in-house solutions are limited. They can only be general solutions, and never specific or specialized solutions. Accessing specific or specialized solutions requires a large team where all these specializations fit, something that is not profitable for businesses in general

Through legal outsourcing, Gowper offers general and specialized solutions to all our clients


$ 1,500 Month
  • Designed for businesses that are starting their entrepreneurial venture, and need continuous legal assistance in their initial phase


$ 3,000 Month
  • Designed for businesses immersed in their growth or expansion phase, and need legal assistance to ensure the fulfillment of all their objectives


$ 6,000 Month
  • Designed for very established businesses, with large structures, that need permanent legal assistance to meet their daily internal and external needs