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Our ISP for any Type of Commercial Contracts your Business may need.


We offer you:

  • Drafting, revision and continued advice by lawyers during the negotiation of up to five individualized commercial contracts or ad hoc templates.

*Se incluyen todos los contratos mercantiles: agencia, franquicia, distribución, confidencialidad, licencia o cesión de marcas y propiedad industrial, compraventas o arrendamientos, suministro o fabricación, servicios y logística, etc. Todo lo que tu negocio necesite.


You may customize some aspects by selecting:

  • National or international scope or combination thereof,guaranteeing adequateprotection.
  • From a variety of languages.

Added value:

  • Originally drafted in Spanish, English, French or Italian languages.
  • Valid for up to 6 months: if you buy more than one, you can save others for later use whenever you want within a 6 months period


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