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You can choose from or combine between:

  • Incorporation of a domestically or foreign-owned company or startup (only private limited companies).
    • Articles of association & bylaws adapted to the financing needs of the Startup.
    • Shareholders' agreement.
  • Corporate services including assistance to shareholders’ meetings and drafting of the minutes (up to 2).
  • Support in search for investment: Seed & VC, Angels, institutional investors, crowdfunding.

You may customize some aspects by selecting:

  • Place or territory.
  • From a variety of languages.

Added value:

  • Drawing up & review of corporate documentation & investment contracts and support during negotiation.
  • Multiple languages.
  • National or foreign travel included (except for travel and accommodation costs).



Start immediately upon purchase.

The following percentage will be applied to the financing obtained, as a success fee or commission, whereby the initial payment is an advance payment: Financing up to 50.000,00 €: not applicable. From 50.000,01 € up to 100.000 €: 1,5%. Up to 500.000,00 €: 1,25%. Up to 1.000.000,00 €: 1%. From 1.000.000,01 € and up: 0,75%
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